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Building organic spaces.

At Seven Heaven, we believe a space is not complete until there is life in it. With architecture as our foundation, we create clever use of a space in a wider, more complete form. Apart from our knowledge in lighting, texturing, proportions and many other elements that encompass the entire spatial experience, we always make sure that our clients and their requirements are prioritised when providing design direction.

The number seven symbolises completeness and harmony. Traditionally, in Chinese households, a home can be complete with seven basic necessities: Firewood, Rice, Cooking Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Tea. Seven is wholesome and prosperous in all forms. We hope we can create a haven, a sanctuary, where you can experience this.



chief designer & builder
also cooks and cleans

Often seen exploring cafes and lifestyle stores overseas for inspiration and watching design series on YouTube deep into the night, Jermaine only rests when she sleeps. While she tries to emulate Kengo Kuma’s calmness on the outside, her mind is actually Jon Favreau on speed. True to her architectural training, she hopes that one day, she can build her dream house from scratch, with a fully-customised camper van as her ride.


also the problem solver

When she’s not in front of the TV watching crime documentaries with a bespoke cocktail in hand, Pearlin is sipping wine as she listens to the gentle, husky voices of Sam Smith and Ken Hirai. Despite her smile and pleasant personality, Pearlin can be very particular about tiny details, just like her favourite artist, Edward Hopper. The youngest in the team, Pearlin believes in authentic connections and hopes she can create a unique identity for a space you can call your own.


also budding guitarist

Like most of us, Jeanne has a simple favourites list: Lipton’s Earl Grey Milk Tea, hanging out with her friends, and watching K-drama on Netflix. One of her goals in life is to be able to build a home in all her favourite cities, so that she can live in Japan or Korea during spring and autumn, then to Australia or New Zealand during summer, and finally spend Christmas and the New Year with family in Singapore. Jeanne hopes to achieve this, and also to finally properly strum a tune on her guitar, in six years.


operations manager
also the finance and hr manager

For someone who has to hold the fort back at the company while the designers are out working, Calvin is actually a very laid-back person. Like 3-in-1 coffee, he is always accessible, reliable, and comfortable to be around. In his free time, he enjoys driving around the island in his car, discovering new local cafes and enjoying a nice afternoon tea. He doesn’t currently have a goal to achieve, since his motto in life is to be carefree and unbounded by restrictions.